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Unasked questions


You’ve searched for the answer

But can’t remember the question

You’ve read philosophy, dabbled

in the understanding of physics

Looked into the eyes of

An ancient face

Breathed in the breath of a baby

Rejoiced in the lives of your children

Grieved when one was lost

You’ve read poetry, created art

Lost yourself in music

Thrilled in the opening of a blossom

Immersed in the perfume of a rose

You’ve dissolved in the arms of your lover

Remembered the smell of them

Sharing one breath

You’ve been rendered speechless

By a sunset

Gloried in a sunrise

The mountains have stopped you

In mid-breath

With their snow covered peaks

The warm, tropical waters

Have bathed you in serenity

The waves lapping gently at the shore

How many smiles have you seen

From people you’ll never see again

How much joy in the faces of your friends

The answers to the unasked questions

Are there in each present moment

Living testimony that all is sacred

Will you bear witness?

Susanna Starr

June 2013

Arroyo Hondo, N.M.



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